Software development has become exponentially faster in the last forty years. Myriad tools exist now for products to be rapid prototyped to execution.

What if one person could build entire products that once required the work of teams of hundreds — alone? I already am — and have... with 20 years of experience.


WB AT&T Shape Hackathon Grand Prize 2017 • Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon Grand Prize 2016 • AT&T IoT Hackathon Grand Prize 2016 • Microsoft Build Hackathon First Place 2016 • Money2020 Hackathon First Place 2016 • AT•T AR/VR Hackathon 2x • SXSW Music Hackathon First Place 2015 • Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 3x First Place 2013 • Salesforce Dreamforce Hackathon First Place 2011 • etc

Clients & Technologies

Google [x] • Microsoft • Intel • Autodesk • Accenture • Best Buy • Esri • SAP • Salesforce • (Paypal) • Qualcomm • Verizon Foundation • American Express • HP • BestBuy • Nestle • Zalando SE • etc

HMDs: Oculus, HTC Vive, Cardboard iOS Android, HoloLens, Recon, ODG, Vuzix • Depth sensing devices: Kinect, Tango, Leap Motion, iPhone X • General: iOS, Android, WebGL


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