is a AR+VR+CV+IoT+AI/ML+Cool Stuff startup studio powered by I. Yosun Chang, an AR industry veteran and visionary who has conceived and built MVP software that has won 2 TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prizes, 3 Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge First Places, AT&T Shape Hackathon Grand Prize, Warner Brothers AT&T IoT Hackathon Grand Prize, Money2020 First Place,Launch Festival Best Buy First Place, PayPal NYC Hackathon Grand Prize, Dreamforce Hackathon, Microsoft Build, Amazon Alexa Hackathon, SXSW Music Hackathon and hundreds more.

Portfolio Startups

holoYummy logo


The World's Most Realistic Food Holograms

Photogrammetry 3 Michelin Star cuisine approved
AR/VR Best in class holograms
AI/ML "Ingredients segmentation" logo

ArtformAR -

The AR platform for art galleries and museums.

MuseumNext Top 10 Disruptive Startup
AR/VR Useful - Annotations
AI Gallery Analytics logo

AR Ecommerce Solutions

TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prize 2016
AR/VR >50% ecommerce conversion rates
AI Product Analytics


AR Origami Creativity Platform

Showcase SIGGRAPH, AWE, Rubin Museum, MoMath, Makerfare
AR/VR Instant AR content creation from paper
Innovative Cool / Clever Application
PlatoAR summary cover
PlatoAR logo


Math Education Made Magical

Verizon Innovation Grant Recipient
AR/VR for Common Core Education!
Showcase SIGGRAPH, Best of Makerfaire, AWE, AppsWorld, Intel IDF

Photoshop-inspired creator platform for AR

2017 First in Industry
AR/VR Creator Tool that's intuitive
AI/ML "Ingredients segmentation" logo

Face AR Creator Tools

Face Apps For Everyone!
AR/VR Face made fast
AI/ML Creation
faceStylr logo


AR try anything on your face — and buy it!

TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prize 2018
AR/VR Entire stack
AI/ML Makeup / Beard Segmentation


AR + Voice Platform

IoT Voice + Visual Clever
AR/VR Entire stack
AlexaPrize AWS ReInvent 2017 feature

Virtual Beings and Beyond

Rowan Fake Instagram
Zhang LeePing AWS Polly AI
May Surreal SoundCloud


An ARKit virtual pet...

AI + Camera FX Super Fun!
ARKit first AR Launch App
GIF Creator app


A Camera App Platform

GIF GIF creator
Polygon CV Realtime polygon mesh
MRR 1k

Also Known As

nusoy on the App Store | AReality3D on the Play Store | yosun on Devpost


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